District heating


The size of the solar heating system is over 5,600 m2, it generates over 2 600 MWh of clean energy annually, and is the fourth project of Savosolar for the French market. Savosolar has delivered the largest part of the whole solar thermal plant including the solar collector field, piping, design and delivery of heat exchange station and automation. LFDE subsidiary own and operate the solar heating system and sell heat to ENES Creutzwald, the energy service company of Creutzwald’s municipality, owner of the district heating network.

La Française de l’Énergie (LFDE) is listed on Euronext and leader in low carbon footprint energy production. LFDE produces gas, green electricity and heat in Northern France, Eastern France and in Benelux. Since 2019, LFDE develops photovoltaic and solar thermal projects on the areas where they operate, to reduce the carbon footprint of the final consumers. Through this first solar thermal project, LFDE reaffirms its commitment to the environment by developing renewable energy projects, prioritizing environmental benefits and reducing energy costs.

Collector area

5 621 m2, aperture

Collector type

Savo 15 SG-M

Number of collectors


Solar capacity

4,3 MW

Installation year