Long term goals and strategy


Long term goals and strategy

Savosolar’s mission is to accelerate the solar economy through the leading technology for competitive energy. Savosolar helps its customers to attain their goals related to climate change with the help of fully emission-free energy. The company’s vision is to be the first-choice supplier of large solar installations on a global scale.

The company’s strategic objective is to grow substantially and be the leading supplier of large solar thermal installations where quality and efficiency matter the most. This means large-scale systems such as solar district heating (SDH) and solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP). In industry, the principal segments are the mining industry, food and beverage processing, the paper industry and greenhouses. In implementing its strategy, the key factors for the company are its proprietary solar collector technology and knowledge of system design as well as its strong local and global partners.

The geographical focus of operations continues to remain in Europe, but the company is actively seeking partners and marketing its products and services outside Europe as well. Savosolar delivers energy systems on a turnkey basis in line with its strategy in collaboration with its partners. The partners in different countries also serve as a sales channel for Savosolar’s products.

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