Savosolar´s strategic objective is to grow substantially an be the leading supplier of large solar thermal systems where quality and efficiency matter the most.

This means large-scale systems such as solar district heating (SDH) and solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP). In industry, the principal segments are the mining industry, food and beverage processing, the paper industry and greenhouses.

In implementing its strategy, the key factors for the company are its proprietary solar collector technology, knowledge of system design and its customer centric culture as well as its strong local and global partners. One part of the customer focus is supporting our customers in developing their projecst and participating, when beneficial, in their energy sales initiatives. Savosolar also wants to enhance the renewable clean heat production in different forms combined with its solar heating excellence.

The systems are based on Savosolar’s highly efficient solar heat collectors, at the heart of which are Savosolar’s proprietary optically coated direct flow absorbers. According to the information available to the company’s executive management, Savosolar’s collectors are the most efficient large solar heat collectors in the word. The solar heat collectors are made at Savosolar´s own production plant in Mikkeli, Finland.

The geographical focus of operations continues to remain in Europe, but the company is actively seeking partners and marketing its products and services outside Europe as well.

Savosolar is the leading supplier of the large solar heating systems in Europe, and has stronge presence and the most credible reference base in the key markets in Europe. Additionally the long term brand building and exploration of different markets and customer segments is starting to pay back also outside Europe, e.g. in Latin America.