Insider management and holdings


Insider management and holdings

Savosolar complies with the Guidelines for Insiders by the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. at any given time in force. Savosolar Plc’s own Insider Instructions include a summary on company-specific principles as well as the Nasdaq instructions, and these documents shall be considered together as Savosolar Plc’s Insider Instructions. Savosolar Plc Insider instructions

Savosolar maintains an insider register of persons subject to disclosure obligation (members of the Board of Directors and the Management Team) and of persons who regularly have access to inside information due to their positions or tasks as well as of other persons who work with the company on the basis of some other agreement and have regular access to the inside information. Furthermore, Savosolar maintains a register on project-specific insiders to whom the company discloses inside information based on a certain project.

Because a public register of insiders and their holdings no longer is required, the information concerning holdings of shares is not updated regularly. The table on this page is showing the status as per 31.12.2021. The changes in holdings of insiders and their related parties are disclosed in company announcements in line with the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

Members of the Board of Directors and the Management team owned on 31.12.2021 a total of 800,302 shares of the company. The table shows all shares and other related derivative instruments that the persons in question or their immediate family members own directly or indirectly through entities under their control or under the control of their immediate family members.

Holding of insiders on 31 December 2021

Insider Shares, pcs Options, pcs
Board of directors
Feodor Aminoff 117,557
SEB Life
Eero Auranne 207,900 19,284
Mikael Lemström 142,388 19,350
Ari Virtanen 127,722 19,350
Management team
Jari Varjotie 77,786  45,000
Raul Ikonen  –
Kaj Pischow 1,920  –
Torben Frederiksen  –
Pekka Karjalainen 29  –
Heikki Timonen 125,000  93,750
Antti Lilleberg
Martti Jalava
Juho Himanen, KHT, Tilintarkastus Inkeröinen & Himanen Oy
Certified adviser
Daniel Orispää, Augment Partners AB _ _
Total shares and options 800,302 196,734
Number of all shares in the company 165,187,636



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