The Savosolar difference

Why choose Savosolar?

Savosolar is a leading provider of large-scale solar thermal plants for district heating and industrial process heat.

Our customers have chosen us because of our capability to understand their lives and challenges, and to design and build system solutions exactly for their needs. The building blocks for customers’ trust in us are the lowest cost of heat, credible references, the most efficient technology on the market and our excellent team.

The optimal solution and the lowest cost of heat are partly due to plant design and partly due the technology.

We offer complete thermal plant solutions that are tailor-made to provide you with heat according to your needs and at the lowest possible price. Our design and engineering teams have delivered several world-leading solar thermal plants. At the moment we have the most credible track record and list of references on the market.

Our collector technology sets us apart from the competition. The main difference between standard solar thermal collectors and our highly efficient collectors is our revolutionary absorber technology and coating expertise. This has resulted in the world’s most efficient flat plate collectors for large-scale systems, which provide low and predictable energy costs over their entire lifetime of 25+ years. With Savosolar, you can harvest more energy from the area available.

        “Think big – and care about the details.

Savosolar collectors are developed with attention to detail, durability and visual appearance. Our collector fields have shared foundations to minimise material use and maintenance work ,and integrated connection hoses to minimise thermal losses in the connections and maximise heat output from the available land area.

Our product portfolio consists of ground- or roof-mounted collector fields for district heating, or industrial applications, and complete turnkey solar thermal systems including design and delivery.

Three reasons to choose Savosolar:

  • Most credible track record and references on the market
  • Lowest levelised cost of heat
  • Highest heat
    production per land area, with the world’s most efficient collectors

Four reasons to choose solar thermal:

  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Stable energy costs for 25 years
  • Simple to combine with other heat sources
  • Secure local supply of energy from the sun