EGM 1_2021


Savosolar is a Finnish company that manufactures internationally award-winning solar thermal collectors with the highest energy efficiency and energy density in the market.


Global environmental trends with strong emphasis on renewable energy offer a huge potential for Savosolar. The company has ever since its foundation in 2009 had the ambition to take the solar thermal technology to the next level. Deliveries of effective solar thermal collectors started in June 2011 and since then, the company has delivered over 50,000 m2 of collectors to their customers in 18 countries on four continents. The strong foothold in the Danish market, which the leading large scale solar thermal market in the world, excellent feedback from the customers and the convincing test results from independent institutions demonstrate that Savosolar’s collectors deliver what they promise. The revenue of the company has doubled annually during the past years, while at the same time the investments in the future growth and development have burdened the profitability. In the middle of strong growth the company is investing further to be able to meet the market demand. The latest investments in production have been the modernization of the coating line doubling its capacity and next level of automation in the assembly to match the coating capacity and speed. At the same time other development actions have increase the efficiency on the production significantly, reducing the manufacturing working hours of collectors to less than one third from the staring point.

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