District heating


FORS A/S is an energy company owned by three Danish municipalities. Their district heating plant in Jyderup has about 900 customers and produces about 5000 MWh solar thermal energy per year. For the rest of its energy production, the plant uses two gas boilers with 7 MW thermal capacity and two gas engines with 6 MW electrical capacity.

In Jyderup, the collector field is a so-called hybrid field, with both single and double glazed collectors. The single glazed collectors are in the cold end of the collector rows and increase the low temperature as rapidly as possible, while the double glazed collectors are located in the warm side of the collector rows where it is more important to reduce the heat losses. The collector field also has double stanchions which allows for two collector rows to connect to one and the same pipe and thereby save costs and thermal losses.

Collector area

9,200 ²

Collector type

Savo 15 SG & Savo 15 DG

Amount of collectors



Jyderup, Denmark

Installation year


Energy sources

Solar thermal, natural gas