District heating

Jelling Varmeværk, Denmark

Jelling Varmeværk is a Danish district heating plant in the historical village of Jelling, which is the former home of the Viking Chief Harald Bluetooth. Apart from the 15,300 m² collector field, Jelling Varmeværk produces its energy from a 1 MW wood chip boiler, a 1.5 MW absorption heat pump, 3 gas boilers of 15 MW and a gas engine with a capacity of 8 MW heat and 6 MW electricity.

The solar system was commissioned during the summer of 2016 and during its first week of operation, the collector field set a new Danish record by producing 4.97 kWh/m² in a day.

The collector field in Jelling has double stanchions which allows for two collector rows to connect to one and the same pipe and thereby save costs and thermal losses. The annual solar thermal production is estimated to be 8,500 MWh, which covers 20–25% of the town’s energy need for heating.

Collector area

15,300 m²

Collector type

Savo 15 SG

Amount of collectors



Jelling, Denmark

Installation year


Energy sources

Solar thermal, wood chips, absoption heat pump, natural gas

What our clients say

Innovative solutions in historic village

“We chose Savosolar as our collector supplier due to their high efficiency in combination with their innovative solutions. They enable us to have an environmentally friendly, stable and low price for heating over the next 20 years. Collectors have integrated hose connections which means that they disturb the landscape as little as possible in an historic village of Jelling. The collectors can also follow the curvature of the landscape which means that we didn’t have to level out the ground of the field.”

Bjarne Nielsen
Plant Manager, Jelling Varmeværk district heating plant